Sunday, May 5, 2013

"You Women are amazing creatures"

I only  sat down at my blog to write my resolutions post and suddenly had so much to put down... the peace post, and now this quote post, in addition to the resolution's post.  It's such a quiet Sunday afternoon around here today.
Friday afternoon, I ran into a man we've known for a long time but haven't seen for awhile.  He was marveling at how big the kids all were.  He mentioned how he had seen them helping Father lead Stations of the Cross back in lent one Friday night and it had done his heart good.
Our conversation rambled on for about 20 minutes.  After I  had answered all of his questions about our life, I asked about his wife who had had some terrible health and personal problems years before.  His face softened and lit up at the same time and he said she was still the same beautiful rock and heart of their family that she had always been.  Unexpectedly, he extended that compliment to me.  Then he went on...
"You women are amazing creatures.  You don't even know your worth -  how valuable you are to us, your husbands - and of course, to the family.  Of course, we don't say it much but we think it everyday."

That was an eye opener and a breath of spring air.  I was speechless.
Now I'd like to extend these words to so, so many women I know and see... my mom, a few of my sisters, my best friend, my children's dedicated teachers, women I know from my children's school (other mothers of their school friends), and from our parish, women I work with, Grandma's I know who have stepped into the gap and are loving those children sadly abandoned or neglected, and various Catholic women I see in the blogs and other apostolates and ministries within the Church.

You are amazing creatures.
My Thanks to that great man for being such a good husband/father and for sharing that light with me the other afternoon.  It did my heart good to hear such words.

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