Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekly Resolution - And Summer's rhythym

~~  I am continuing my resolution from last week concerning...
 1.  watching over and praying over my  thoughts because it was beneficial.  I think it's a certain negative person I know that is the source.  Maybe I need to stay back and pray for them.
And also adding...
2.  Send a thank you note to that someone who was so helpful in customer service the other day.  Really, beyond her job description, and ended up saving me a lot of money by her knowledge.  The impression I got from her was that she would do this for anyone because she is a genuinely caring person and she sees people as human beings and treats them as she would like to be treated.
3.  Which reminds me to send another thank you note to someone else who has been a blessing.
~~  The power of thoughts in my life...  this is very true for me (and I believe everyone).  Good, positive, forgiving, understanding thoughts =  a productive, calm, good day 99% of the time.  The more my mind is occupied with good, productive, and positive information, material, and environment the happier I am and the more I get accomplished.  Win-win situation.  When I begin to fret, worry, dwell on frustration, anger, or criticism, down the spiral begins which = a day that is less productive, less happy, and less balanced.  I can't find good solutions or think clearly because I am thinking wrongly.  Peace flies out the window.  Not helpful at all because when peace goes, there goes patience, fairness, and positive attitude.  These are the times when I feel fatigue overcome me.  Also, I usually have to find time to squeeze in an extra confession because of the complaining, criticizing, and negativity.
~~  I try to check certain measures in my life when negative thinking is taking over to see where I've allowed my filter to get weak:  * What am I listening to - nerve rattling talk radio or too much news?  meaningless music with meaningless messages? negative people? 
* Am I praying the day or just going through the day?  It's amazing how I fall into a pattern - morning Mass and a morning check in with God are enough.  When really, time and time again, I've seen the benefits of including God in on the whole, entire day.  Although I have to say, God does graciously hold most of my days together very well due to that morning check in and Mass.
*Is tv or a movie causing my thinking to go haywire?  We don't watch a lot of tv so I know it's usually not a bad show, but I've noticed anymore that even "innocent" tv has unhealthy vibes sometimes.  At least for me - I am very sensitive in this area, it seems, so I have to watch it here.
* Am I watering seeds of discouragement or discontent?
* Am I talking too much about negativity or my complaints?  This is usually where my thoughts go from negativity into sin I need to confess.
* Have I fallen into the 'keeping up with the Jones' mentality lately?
* Have I been grateful?
* Have I though about the things of God at least as much as I've thought about the things of the world?
~~  Yesterday, my 11 year old daughter and I set out on our day of travel to take her to camp.  First time.  We thought we were ready for this, but then, not so much.  It was hard to say goodbye.  I lingered and hemmed and hawed.  Finally, one of the camp team leaders came and whisked her off to her activities. She shot me a sad look over her shoulder and I saw her chin quiver just a bit.  This from my very outgoing, social girl.  I felt deflated.  And a little humiliated because I was being "that mom".   I honestly felt like crying.  I ended up thanking God for that little walmart  trac phone I had purchased to send with her because when she called me (at 11 pm finally) she was in high spirits and all was well.  They had just come from night adoration and were settling in for bed.  Sigh. of. relief.  We'll see if she makes it all week.  Or if I do.
~~  Our drive yesterday through the Flint Hills of Kansas was gorgeous!  Everything was lush and green and the sun was brilliant.  Wildlife was visible everywhere. The temperatures were in the 70's and it felt like heaven.  A perfect travel day.
~~  I treasure having summers off .  I get to spend these days with my children which is gold to me.  Even on the days I begin to feel stir crazy from the "I'm bored's"  or the fighting "she is chewing with those sounds again!"  I am happy we get to have this vacation time together.  I absolutely love the rhythm of our days together in the summer.  Morning work and chores, slower mornings, eat lunch and then we go out for the afternoon to the library, the Y, or to the swimming pool.  Home in the late afternoon and we have reading time, a little bit of math time, drawing.  Then simple dinners, playing outside usually till dark and then a slow trod to bed, Family prayer, and lights out.  Next week, they will have their week of Totus Tuus (our diocesan catechetical program for all youth) which they have so much fun at each year.  We will then begin planning our trip to Colorado to see uncle R and aunt M in July. 
We are Blessed.
Goodnight and God Bless.