Friday, February 28, 2014

7 QT's ~ The Rosary and Our Family Life


Mary is the easiest, shortest way to keep myself and my family anchored in Christ. 
She is a shield against the craze of the culture.
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 It's no secret that these are difficult days for families, marriages, and children. There's so much pressure, busy-ness, overwhelming demands at times.  The rosary is the surest ally (and weapon) a woman has for her family (after the Mass).  I love the rosary.  I receive a deep sense of calmness and reassurance as I pray, but even more still, power and peace.  There is great power there.  I have a very hard time praying 5 decades in one day however.  But I am faithful to at least 1 decade a day.  Sometimes 2 or 3 depending on how the days demands went.
The resulting blessings we have received are probably not always apparent to others, but have brought huge milestones for our family's well-being and healing.  There is often inexplicable peace as well.

My alarm goes off pretty early.  My favorite Pandora station begins playing 15 minutes earlier than when I need to get up so I can wake up slowly.  I begin my rosary during that 15 minutes while I am still in bed, saying the apostles creed, the 1st our Father, the 3 hail Mary's, and the glory be.  After I am up and dressed I pray morning prayer and finish the decade with the mystery then.  It may seem a lazy method but it works for my life.  I'm to the point now where I don't feel a day is complete without praying at least 1 decade.  I can't help but notice the beneficial amount of grace is so much greater on the days I am faithful to pray at least that 1 precious decade.
Sunday evenings the kids will pray with me.  Sometimes during the week even, when one or the other of the kids is feeling the need to seek out some one on one time with mom or they have a concern, they will ask to pray the rosary with me.  I really feel the blessing in that moment.

During those nights of restless sleeplessness when I wake up in the middle of the night trying to solve the world's problems or thinking about my children's best life possible I always end up reaching over to my nightstand and picking up my rosary.  I will give it a few minutes before I begin praying in order to focus my mind so the prayer is allowed to bring peace.  Then I begin praying the rosary and it's like having that best friend you can call up in the middle of the night to receive solace from.  I don't remember much after the first decade, so I assume I fall back to sleep pretty quickly.  It will only be in heaven, I feel, that I will know for sure what God does with those nocturnal rosaries.  But I do feel like my family benefits from each and every one.  Hopefully others too.


Each Hail Mary prayed is like a rose for Mary (some say for a crown, some say for a bouquet).  She returns those roses. Believe me, she does.  Sometimes astonishingly.  Some of the "roses" we've received have been  protections from situations that were very difficult, illnesses healed, a certain peace that pervaded amidst suffering. There has been growth in virtues in areas that were formerly very difficult. Warmth and love among us, and any number of timely helps. There are crazy days and/or moments which she has calmed. There are behaviors from children that she has settled and resolved. Not to mention the pervasive feeling I get that Mary has our back everyday and in every circumstance.


Whatever I need she will give me.  If I need courage, she's generous.  If I need peace, she knows just how.  If I need patience, apparently she gives me some from her endless supply.  If I need strength, she comes quickly.  And when I don't know what I need, she knows. She does not fail.


Her images are throughout my house (along with an icon of an angel and a beautifully magnetic painting of Jesus and His Sacred Heart).  When I need just that moment of quiet and sanity I can literally find her image almost anywhere in our home.  I will just quickly glance over and see her face and remember to pray a quick prayer.  Her image as 'Queen of Peace' (a beautiful icon) sits on my kitchen counter and seems to be particularly efficacious since I am in that room so often at that wicked hour of day when the family is hungry and restless and I am trying to make dinner (and there can be anything but peace).  She is so often the calm in the chaos.


And, God forbid, at those times in life when the heart wrenching events that can happen have lain their suffocating weight upon my heart and our life she has been a swift, constant, and powerful ally.  When I didn't know if I could make it another day, she was there.  When things were flying at me from every direction and at top speed with violent force I found her tranquil sea and kept afloat.

The family placed under Her Mantle will whether the storms - the little daily ones, those medium, hurtful and stressful ones, and, Heaven help us, those shockingly awful ones - should they so happen.

The Mother of God is true to her word and she will fight for you and yours.

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