Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Saturday evening post - the past week

~~  I began the Novena to the Holy Spirit last evening (Day 1 was yesterday 5/10).  I love this yearly novena because it has always proven very powerful for me.  It wasn't until we finally made it home last evening and everyone got settled into bed that I was able to be quiet and pray it.  But there was something about the moonlight spilling in through my bedroom window and the contented stillness in the house that somehow made the prayer feel so sacred and holy.  I pray this novena (and many others throughout the year) through and with  A Very blessed couple run this website.
~~  Yesterday we enjoyed a really perfect Spring day and evening.  It was really one of our most Spring like days we've had this year so far.  In the evening we went to the park for an outdoor dinner before going back to the school for the annual talent show.  Both the girls had a spot to perform.  J.P. was going to do bird calls but got stage fright at the last minute and opted out.  So very him with all his quiet dignity.  Honestly, I think it was the girls that talked him into it in the first place. But it was a fun time and the show turned out much more "talented" than I had perceived it would be.  I was actually really proud of the kids and their abilities and courage.
~~  Other graces from the past week are:
~   receiving some very good news that will help us out financially quite a bit.  Thank You Lord.  You hear every prayer. 
~  I found some inner peace this last week.  I had a few tough days the week before and it felt as if I would never be able to shake the " busy-ness of life" stressed feeling.  I prayed about it and asked for help and help has come.  But I had to simplify my mind and heart for it to be able to do so.  The School year is winding down for us and things get a little nuts . But still, Why do I let this crazy, fast world suck me in so often?  Instinctively, I know that the only answer to this is prayer.  Again, and always, I credit Mary (She is the Queen of Peace) as my secret weapon.  She is the tranquility that keeps me going and able to manage it all without losing it or collapsing.  Too often anyway.
~  I found the perfect summer sandals (sundress worthy as well as with shorts or capris) at rock bottom price today in a very unexpected place.  We drive through a luxurious neighborhood on our way to our good but simple home and this one beautiful house was having a yard sale.  I stopped in with the kids because I saw a nice big basket I knew I could use.  I bought the basket for a dollar and these great sandals- in my size- for 5 dollars.  And they are leather and still had the tag on them.  Never worn.  How's that for providence?
~  For whatever reason I am still sensing a lot of grace and warmth from 1st Satuday confession last week.  I didn't even make it to morning Mass that morning because there was much going on with the kids.  Once I left them with their dad, I went to church and prayed a holy hour and then to confession.  As is my new habit, after praying my penance, I walked to the front of the hushed church and lit a candle in front of Mary's statue and prayed her love and protection over our family. The day was mostly cloudy but suddenly a few, strong rays penetrated the clouds and the the stained glass windows sent ethereal rays of color into the church.  I walked over to St. Joseph's statue and asked his holy protection over our family also, particularly my sons and their dad.  I knelt down on the kneeler to finish praying and was overcome by such a sense of peace and well being and love that I have not been able to forget that moment all week.  Normally, after confession and 15 minutes of meditation and lighting the two candles I am usually in a hurry to get on with running my errands and getting home to make supper.  But I had the hardest time leaving last week.  I felt I could have stayed for hours.  I have wondered if this was heaven's way of emphasizing to me how important this devotion is to Mary (and for my family).
~~  Saturday evening is spaghetti night.  We are watching 'Wreck It Ralph' tonight since it was the twins turn to pick the movie. 
God Bless and Goodnight.

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