Saturday, January 25, 2014

Winter-time Seven Quick Takes

Winter - at least it can be pretty and there's hot tea
A little late posting this week...I'm not being a very faithful blogger as of yet, I'm afraid. 
 January has been so bitterly cold this year but we've felt the warmth of blessings and minor miracles.  Wednesday, the 22nd, we awoke to frosty windows painting lace etched designs with soft strains of morning sun shimmering through.  It was enough to remind me of God's presence for a brief, quiet moment.  Before "mom this or mom that".  Our morning went as usual - hustle and bustle of breakfast, teeth brushing, gathering backpacks and quick morning prayers. Before long we were dressed, bundled up in wools, scarves, gloves and ready to leave for our day.  We discussed the March for life and how much colder the marchers must be!  We decided to try to make some form of participation with our brothers and sisters in DC (as well as our own state capital gatherers).  Prayers were offered for the pro-life warriors and we began thinking of a sacrifice we could make to offer for the intention of protection of these littlest lives.  The following video is stirring and will make you feel so proud of our Christian brothers and sisters fighting the good fight!
This was one of our 9 buses that went from our diocese
When I remember to thank God again
When evening fell and we were all gathered back at home we decided to try to pull up some of the coverage on the internet.  So after dinner and dishes we went to you-tube and found that a big theme this year was adoption.  It was an  eye-misting-surprising- lump in the throat moment when MT says "our whole family is here because of adoption!"  As if she had just then realized that ;).
It's true, all four of these children of mine were inside an abortion clinic at one point or another in-utero before being saved by compassionate, praying people who helped the birth mothers see that there was another solution.  I still try to remember to pray often for their birth mothers.

They do grow fast - live every moment
My twins, MT and JP, turned 9 last Friday.  They are the "babies" of the family.  I am now realizing that my mother definitely knew what she was saying when she kept telling me how fast it would all go once all of them were past 5.  We had such a fun birthday night out for them - the whole family.  It will always be a special memory!
I love this quote about motherhood... so true
(found on Pinterest)
A Latin Mass
My dad had his 73rd birthday earlier this month.  He wanted nothing as far as gifts go.  He simply requested his favorite dinner (mom's famous enchilada dinner - special recipe passed down from my beautiful Gram).  He also asked if someone or anyone would attend a traditional latin Mass with him at the one parish that offers this on Sundays.  I told him I would attend with him as my gift to him.  Last Sunday dawned cold but bright and sunny and we made the little trek over to St. Anthony's parish in the downtown area.
Wow.  It was a longer Mass than usual but how beautiful!  I felt the majesty and transcendence of Jesus sacrifice on Calvary very powerfully.  I got a little emotional a time or two.  I was lost, yes, in trying to follow the missal, but I found that I was okay with that. 
Intercessory Prayer
.It's difficult at times, but worth it, this daily intercession. I don't doubt the power of prayer too often anymore.  I, like every mother, have my hands completely full but daily prayer for my family is like oxygen.  Totally necessary.  And how efficacious.  Help is at the ready and Heaven is near. We are all loved beyond our ability to comprehend.  Believe me on this.  I will relate experiences at a later time.
Family Dinner
These are not my Gram's (or Mom's) enchiladas, nor her special sauce, but these are very easy and good for a warm, ready dinner straight from the slow cooker:  layer in chicken breasts, enchilada sauce, taco seasoning, a bit of water, shredded cheese, green onions, and a little cilantro.  I cook it on low 7 hours, fork shred the chicken, and serve it with soft tortillas, and either chopped avocados on the side or Spanish rice.  Pinterest inspiration.  I love that time-wasting site too much.
Maintaining Peace of Heart - a crucial daily battle
This is a quote from the book entitled Searching For and Maintaining Peace by Fr. Jacques Phillipe...
"Very frequently, spiritual combat consists precisely in this: defending one's peace of heart against the enemy who attempts to steal it from us."
Have you ever noticed how many things come at you in one day?  How many poisonous thoughts, unkind people perhaps.  How many situations seem to become ridiculously / unnecessarily  complicated and stressful?
Take a deep breath and don't let yourself get sucked in.  If you do, when you realize it, look up and out, and say a quiet prayer.
My particular favorite is "Mary, Take Over". 

Cover yourself and your family everyday with prayer.  They are worth it.  Don't let red-legs have your inner peace.
God Bless.
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  1. Hello from a first time visitor :) I love the significance of the title of your blog, and yes to asking Mary to take over, thank you for that. I want that to come more naturally to me this year to surrender! :)

  2. Hi Julia! So happy to have you visit here! The surrender part is still difficult at times so I know what you mean. God Bless.