Saturday, January 11, 2014

7 Quick Takes

The January blahs have settled into some of the hearts in this family, as expected, but it isn't the children.  It has been me this week.  I'm urging myself on to taking cues from them as to how to keep seeing each cold, sunless, day as a day filled with life and potential - anyway.  In that effort, I've made a list each morning this week of all the things I love during morning prayer/quiet time (the Magnificat is a beautiful prayer booklet). I've tried more to allow the nice moments to sink in rather than rushing ahead thinking of the next minutes or hours or days. 
But I do love to plan the day in that early morning hour also, so there was compromise there.  I love watching the dawn creep in each morning, sun or no sun, while sipping that first cup of hot coffee ( w/ vanilla creamer).   I also really love the fresh hope of a new year. 

After morning Mass with the kids' school at our parish yesterday morning, I was on my way back out to the van when a nice woman put her arm around my shoulders and asked how our Christmas was.  I replied in the affirmative and she said how she always prays for me and my beautiful children.  I don't know her really at all except we are somehow connected because of our attendance at morning Mass and our parish family activities.  I was grateful all over again for the Church.  The rest of my day carried that blessing.
The same morning as I arrived at my school, less than 1/4 of a mile down the road from our parish and my children's catholic school, I was unlocking the door to go in and get ready for the students.  But I stopped in my tracks and had to pause to listen to the gorgeous bells from the church playing a sublime hymn.  It was ringing out over the valley, across the field, through a neighborhood, and right up through our school playground to the entrance doors.  It was a moment to savor.  Again, I was so thankful for faith, life, and the Church.
This gem has been my meditation these early mornings this first week back into the bustle after the peaceful Christmas holiday...
(pinterest photo)
I heard Fr. W. say today that Christmas goes on through Sunday, the Baptism of the Lord.  Perfect, because I still don't have our tree taken down or the ornaments packed away.  I'm not behind at all. 

Speaking of keeping up, my January project - the closet/mudroom - is coming along well.  I can already breathe better just imagining an end to that closet chaos.
I love Disney movie soundtracks way too much - ridiculous really.  But so much fun to sing along with while cleaning or puttering around the house.  I think it goes back to my high school/college days when I did show choir musicals.
This is from "Frozen"  (which the girls loved and the boys tolerated).  My little niece (Goddaughter) kept calling it "Freezing".  
I don't know, when she sings "open up the gates!", I just want to put my face to the sun and throw up my arms :)

Chin up

God bless you and keep you in 2014.
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  1. Found you via Conversion Diary! Glad I'm not the only one who still has their tree/decorations up. The only things that have come down are a few decorations hanging from our porch (those BIG ornaments), due to the wind, haha. That's this weekend's project.